Healy Article: A Profile of a House We Painted!

A link to Trilby Busch's first article in a series about local master builder T.P. Healy. The house profiled in the article was painted by TigerOx.

On page six of the most recent edition of the Wedge newspaper, Trilby Busch writes the first in a series about T.P. Healy's houses in the Wedge neighborhood in Minneapolis. The house she profiles is one TigerOx painted last summer for the current and long-time owners, Meg and Dennis Tuthill.


Every city has its own unique ||architectural flavor, and Healy's houses, well over a hundred in all, are a large influence on the evolving notion of a typical Minneapolis house. We've been lucky enough to work on few, and have been happy to lend our craft towards preserving and maintaining a Minneapolis architectural legacy. More articles about the Healy houses in the Wedge are forthcoming.


Article available here.


Below is a photo of the house discussed in the article.

A photo of the house discussed in the Wedge article