New EPA Lead Law Goes Into Effect Today

Happy Earth Day, folks!

It took me maybe longer than it should have to realize that the new EPA lead safety law was intended to go into effect on Earth Day. (duh!)


Here's a link to an MPR news article about the new law, which is alternately panicked and reassuring, which pretty much sums up how I feel about it. Many contractors will not be affected by the new regulations, such as anyone who is in new construction and people who primarily work on newer homes. We almost exclusively work on residential repaints (as painting your existing house is called in the trades) on buildings build long before 1978. This sentence from the MPR article kind of chills me:


"Murphy says it'll also be tough to compete with builders who don't comply with the law, because they'll be able to undercut law-abiding builders on price."


The lead abatement techniques required by the new law are not labyrithine or unreasonable, but they do add a certain amount of administrative overhead - documentation is required now - and more time to set up and clean up. Time is money, and a firm that chooses to ignore the law and the safety standards will probably be able to underbid one that obeys the law. So, please, ask if the painters you hire are compliant. Pretty pretty please.