Happy Lunar New Year!

Pdfs of the card and a how-to video are available.

Ten years ago, when we were going through the process of setting up our company as a legal entity, one of the hardest tasks we faced was coming up with a name. We did not have a crack marketing team at our disposal, so most of the process was blundering through the thesaurus and trying to come up with anagrams based on our intials. Much of this was fun, but it didn't result in anything we would want on a sign. Eventually, Anders struck on our combined astrological signs in the Chinese system. Three of us were born in the Year of the Tiger, and one in the Year of the Ox. Put them together, and we we got TigerOx. We liked the way the ox conjured images of hard work, but with the sleek beauty of the tiger. And maybe most importantly, the domain name was not taken.


We've been sending out cards for the Lunar New year now for six years. The first was for the Year of the Dog, and did not include the origami animal which has become the most notable feature of the card. Cards should be arriving for those of you who are on our mailing list in the next few days. If you can't get the card folded right the first time, didn't get one in the mail, or just want one for practice, the five origami animals from the last five years can now be downloaded from the home page. Also, this year for the first time, we've done a video showing how to fold the card!




Happy Year of the Rabbit from TigerOx Painting!